Need JAVA 1.7 Version JAR files for PDF conversion


we purchased ASPOSE tool:
Aspose Order Number: 200128175113
User Name: umapathy_bhattar_ricoh-usa_com

We would need the JAR files for JAVA 1.7 version, the files we downloaded are 1.8.
Can you pl provide those files asap.



Thanks for your query.

Which Java APIs you are talking about. Mostly Aspose Java libraries (Jar files) have JDK1.6 jars in their respective folder(s) when you import/extract the release archives. You may use JDK1.6 jars of the APIs which will work fine on JDK1.6, JDK1.7 and greater versions.

Let us know if you still have any issue or confusion.

Im talking of ASPOSE total downloaded from Aspose.Total | Java Class Libraries to Process File Formats
The compiler with us supports 1.7 Java version. But using the JARs downloaded from this link, we are getting error: “major version 52 is newer than 51, the highest major version supported by this compiler” - Here 51 refers to 1.7 version of JAVA which is supported by our compiler
Can you send me the JAR files which can be compiled in 1.7 version. Is there a link i can download


Which Aspose APIs you are using? Also, did you not find jdk1.6 compiled versions in the release archives and try?


Pl send me link to download 1.6 versions


You may download the latest APIs and get JDK1.6 versions in the release archive (after extracting) here:

Let us know if you could not find jdk1.6 version in the release archive.


These are the JAR files available in the links you shared, wanted to confirm this will work in JDK 1.7 version, right?


I extracted the files in the link you shared above, but i dont know where is 1.6 versions of these JAR files. After extracting aspose.pdf-20.1-java zip file, i moved to aspose.pdf-20.1-java\lib folder user which i have aspose.pdf-20.1 file. Is this file can be compiled using JDK 1.7?
Also, i dont find ant release archive folder after extracting aspose.pdf-20.1-java zip file
Is there a way i can get only the executable JAR files which can be compiled in JDK 1.7 version?


The following jars would work fine on JDK1.7 without any issue.

Well, this jar file (from Downloads section) is compiled on JDK1.8, so cannot be used on JDK1.7. Please get your desired JAR from maven repository here:

In fact, you may download all individual Java APIs for your latest versions here (you may browse your desired API by clicking relevant node(s)):

Hope, this helps a bit.

Thanks! We are able to compile the JAVA files now.
Pl let me know process to download the license and how to use it?
Also, link to download the licence which can be used with above JAR files.


Thank you for the feedback. Please post your query to the Aspose.Purchase forum for your queries about downloading the license.

Hi, can you let me know if i can convert the attached PDF into redable format using APIs, currently, its image scanned in PDF file, but i need to have it in selected text format. I can sent you the file also, let me know the email address.

You can attach the sample files here with this thread. If the file size is large, please upload the file to some public file sharing server and share the download link here. Also provide more details about your expected output, sample runnable program and any other supporting information which can be helpful to reproduce this scenario.

DHL Supply Chain.pdf (226.2 KB)
DHL Supply Chain_Readable PDF.pdf (1.0 MB)

DHL Supply Chain.pdf is Original file
DHL Supply Chain_Readable PDF.pdf is converted file using adobe pro

Do ASPOSE have APIs to have this feature. Note in converted file, you can able to select the text


I have generated PDF file with Aspose.PDF 20.2. Can you please check and share feedback with us.AsposeReadable.pdf (224.3 KB)

im unable to open the file, getting error: “Sorry, this file is private. Only visible to topic owner and staff members.”
Also, pl share the API name we can use to convert non readable format to readable format

Hi, can you pl update asap?


Since you are not the owner of the thread, so you may not download the attachment. Please create a new thread (kindly refer to this thread in it) and ask for the PDF file generated (attached here) by Adnan Ahmad, we will share it with you in your (new) thread.

I have posted under -


Thanks for creating new thread.

We will get back to you with details and sample in your thread soon.