Need some additionnal features

We need some extra features of your Aspose.Words software.

  1. Is it possible, programmatically, find and replace bookmarks in a document, create table, etc?
  2. The document can be in UTF8 encoding?
  3. Your user interface, is it multi language? French?

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Hi Gabriel,

  1. Yes these can be easily done using Aspose.Words, please have a read of the documentation here on Working with bookmarks and here on Inserting document elements using the Document Builder.
  2. Could you please clarify which type of document you want encoded in UTF-8? There are options to set the encoding type for exporting to HTML, EPUB and TXT files. Please see the API reference here
  3. I’m afraid the Aspose.Words API is only avaliable in English.

If you have any further queries please feel free to ask.

Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for considering Aspose.Words. I would like just to clarify, Aspose.Words is a class library, which allows working with MS Word documents. Aspose.Words does not provide any user interface for editing documents.
Best regards.