Need Support for Specific Field Criteria in OCR


Currently, we are having requirement to integrate the OCR in our portal website which based on .NET Framework and C# language.

In which, we have majorly having the Invoices in PDF, Images and other document formats.

Our main purpose to integrate OCR to fetch the Invoice Field value from Label like Invoice Number, Company Name and Amount and so on.

Please let us know suitable solution which can be useful in this.



Thank you for your inquiry. Aspose.OCR only takes in image type of documents to perform OCR operation. This means that in order to perform OCR operation, you have to supply only image as parameter. You can perform OCR operation on PDF files but for that you have to use Aspose.OCR in combination with Aspose.PDF libraries. Aspose.PDF will process the input PDF file and convert PDF pages to images. Those images will then can be used as input parameter to OCR function. You can read/extract only invoice number for image by using Text Recognition Block functionality. It is recommended that you may go through the following online documentation articles for detail. You can download the latest version of Aspose.OCR from NuGet.

Further to update you that we are currently working on Aspose.OCR for Cloud. Development on Aspose.OCR for .NET is temporarily suspended. You can try Aspose.OCR for Cloud. You may post your inquiry on OCR for Cloud support forum for further assistance.