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Need to upgrade version but cannot find method that replaces deprecated method setHmlExportXHtmlTransitional


We need to upgrade the Aspose.Words version of our application to the newest one, but after the jar upgrade, I saw that setHtmlExportXhtmlTransitional method was no longer available and I cannot find anything on the API to substitute it… What can I use to achieve the same result?
( Currently, we’re setting that property to true using doc.getSaveOptions().setHtmlExportXhtmlTransitional(true) ).


Hi Bernie,

Thanks for your inquiry.

In the latest versions of Aspose.Words for Java, save options are defined in special classes and then passed to the Save method when the document is being saved.

You can now find setExportXhtmlTransitional under the HtmlSaveOptions class. Please see the API page here for details.

If we can help you with anything else, please feel free to ask.