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Nested mail merge regions are not yet supported

I am evaluating version which throws an exception with the above message. Going though posts back to 2005, you're stating that it will be added "soon". Do you really have any plans to add support for this or what is the recommended practice to deal with master/detail/nested detail/etc.

Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

We found it hard to implement some universal pattern for handling nested mail merge regions as users requirements on this can be very different. It will require some big research and API redesign so we decided to postpone it.

Also, practice shows that 90% of nested data table merging task can be implemented using the existing mail merge engine with a little bit of creativity. So if you will state your requirements and attach some sample documents and data - we will try to work out a way of doing it with existing mail merge API.

Thank you for your prompt response.

My use case is based on the following (which in many respects is no different than what one could do with InfoPath): the user creates a schema describing the "template". The schema is loaded in a DataSet (the good thing is that when loading the schema in the data set, all the relationships between tables are in place). The data to be "merged" is coming from an XML which is loaded in the dataset. It is then easy to support nested merge as long as the "nesting" "matches" the XML hierarchy. I would think that if support for this "XSD-driven" data set be in place, any other nesting scenario could be reduced to this by providing the appropriate schema. I have done this myself using WordML and using a pull model (much like your merge field event modelling) in such a way that allowed me to generate over 20,000 pages with a very low memory footprint (using streaming on the XML side). I like your product much better because of the ability to easily manipulate/insert images, bookmarks, etc. I am also interested in seeing if I can automate the creation of cross references, index entries (like inserting cross references to numbered items like headings, etc.). I am willing to share all the code with you for better understanding/ incorporation into your product. If you're interested, we can take this discussion offline. Thank you.

Ok, that seems interesting. I have sent you my contact data over e-mail.

Best regards,

Vladimir Averkin
Developer/Technical Support
Aspose Auckland team

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 39) have been fixed in this update.

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