Nested tables aspose cell


Hi, i need build the next nested tables in excel, any idea?

image.png (25.7 KB)



Thanks for the screenshot.

I do not think there is any automatic way or option available to create such nested table (using built in table layouts) in one go. Seeing your screenshot, I noticed some cells are merged and formatting are applied (e.g borders, cell shading colors, fonts and its text alignment, etc.). In short, you got to use formatting features (options) to create such a table by yourself. Aspose.Cells provides all the formattings features which MS Excel support, see the documents in the section for your reference:

If you find some way to accomplish the task directly in MS Excel, kindly let us know with sample Excel file and steps/commands to do that, we will check it on how to do it via Aspose.Cells APIs.