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.Net client

It seems like there are lots of new changes commit, but the msi release is pretty outdated, I face the root issue when trying to validate my image, can the .Net client compile and do a latest MSI release ?


Can you please explain a bit more like from where you downloaded MSI and how you noticed that it is outdated? Please share some sample file and code snippet to test the scenario so that we can further proceed accordingly.

  1. https://github.com/aspose-omr-cloud/aspose-omr-cloud-dotnet latest commit is 22 Apr 2020
  2. https://github.com/aspose-omr-cloud/aspose-omr-cloud-dotnet/releases last release is 2019
  3. https://forum.aspose.cloud/t/create-omr-template-and-recognize-optical-mark-omr-with-aspose-omr-client-tool-root-element-is-missing-error/7075 <- I having the same root element issue like this
    based on the thread it seems like a fix has been release , but there are no new release since 2019, so I assume the fix has been committed but never release a new msi version

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