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.Net errors?

I have just installed the Aspsoe.barcode.dll file from the net4.0 folder. I have the control in the toolbox running under Visual Sudio 2010. I have the control on a form. However, when I try to run/debug the program I get an error relating to .net targetting. I am probably missing something obvious, but I have spent the past hour trying to figure this out. Any ideas?

Just as a follow up. I have created a .net3.0 application and installed the net3.0 dll and it works perfectly. I just cant get the net4.0 dll to work under a .net4.0 application. Any ideas would be great!!


Thank you for inquiry.

Aspose.BarCode control requires the target platform to be set as β€œ.NET Framework 4”. Please change it if it is set to β€œ.NET Framework 4 Client Profile”. You can do it by right clicking on the project --> properties --> Target framework.