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.net standard compatibility


When can we expect .net standard compatibility for apose.tasks?



Aspose.Tasks for .NET supports s .NET framework framework. However, support for .NET Standard 2.0 is not available at present.

Okey. Do you have any information on when it will be fully compatible with core?

(I also have the same question regarding Aspose.Slides)


We are currently analyzing your requirement with respect to support for Standard .NET and .NET Core. We have plans to support these standards, but a definite timeline for availability of the same is not available right now. We’ll update you here once we have more information about this.

For Aspose.Slides also, support is not available for these standards for now. You can further raise your requirement in this regard in Aspose.Slides forum, though a more relevant topic is already started here.

Any news about this ? When are all Apose .NET products available for .net standard 2 ?


There are no near future plans for supporting .NET Standard 2.0. About other APIs, you can post a general query in Aspose.Total forum to get further information.