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We’ve been using aspose and it’s great.
But lately there are have been some errors that we cannot understand how to fix them and why they are systematically appearing.
The error message is :
at œ.ƒ.Get(Object , Int32 , Boolean& , WaitHandle[]& )
at œ.ƒ.‚‡(Object ,  , Int32 )
at ..‚‡(String , Int32 , Boolean )

when I call

best regards,
Miguel Sousa

Hi Miguel Sousa,

Thanks for writing to Aspose.Email support team.

I have tested the issue with my sample Gmail account using latest assembly Aspose.Email for .NET 2.9.0. I am afraid to inform that I could not re-produce the issue here. Could you please arrange some test Gmail account and give a try to the following code?

//declare and initialize Pop3Client

Aspose.Email.Pop3.Pop3Client client;

client = new Aspose.Email.Pop3.Pop3Client();

//Basic settings (required)
client.Host = “[pop.gmail.com](http://pop.gmail.com/)”;
client.Username = “username”;
client.Password = “password”;

// set implicit security mode
client.SecurityMode = Aspose.Email.Pop3.Pop3SslSecurityMode.Implicit;

// enable SSL
client.EnableSsl = true;
client.Port = 995;

//Connect and login to Pop3 server

//Connect and login



catch (Exception ex)




If this code does not solve the problem, please send us your code along with the Pop3 server detail causing this exception. It will help us to analyze the problem and provide assistance as soon as possible.

Hi Kashif,
I have checked the account login information and it’s correct,
the host is [pop.gmail.com](http://pop.gmail.com/) with the port 995 and use secure connection.

my code:

private List ReceiveMessageIdsPop3(Comms_Account account, Event activeEvent)
Pop3MessageInfoCollection msgIds;
Pop3Client pop3Client = new Pop3Client(account.EmailPOP3, (ushort)account.EmailPOP3Port, account.EmailUserName, account.EmailPassword);

if (account.EmailSSL != null && (bool)account.EmailSSL) //the account.EmailSSL is true
// Settings required for SSL enabled POP3 servers
pop3Client.SecurityMode = Aspose.Email.Pop3.Pop3SslSecurityMode.Implicit; // Set implicit security mode
pop3Client.EnableSsl = true; // Enable SSL

pop3Client.Login(); // Here is where the error appears</i>

So I guess is essentially the same as you advised…

The weird thing I think is that, despite the fact that everything in the login is correct, it throws this exception but right next in the loop there is an account very similar to the “buggy” one that goes smoothly, without net_timeout.

Best regards,
Miguel de Sousa

Hi Miguel de Sousa,

Thank you for the feedback.

Unfortunately, I was still unable to reproduce this issue at our end with the sample code shared earlier (which is almost similar to yours). Could you please try testing with another internet connection and see if the timeout issue resolves? If it possible for you, could you please provide us with the login credentials of the trouble account so that we can check it for analysis at our end?