New aspose version

I’ve upgraded/Migrated to the newest version of Aspose.Slides and when I try to open the
generated powerpoint file, it causes my Microsoft office to crash. However the
older version works fine (regarding this problem.

Thhanks in advance



Just wondering if you have any updates on the progress regarding this problem.


Actually, we could not find the source of this problem.

Can you please provide us some sample code that reproduces this problem? And in which version of MS-PowerPoint, you are trying to open generated ppt files?

Please also mention the slides version that works and does not work. Thanks for your cooperation.

Thank you for your reply.

I have narrowed down the problem. I am currently reading from a template that contains some static slides, I have spotted one of the static that is causing the problem. Please see the attached file for reference.

As you see; this file contains text holders and images, for the sake of testing; I’ve deleted the first two text holders and I was able to open the outputted file in both MS 2003 and MS 2007, however; if one of them is deleted, I will just be able to open the outputted file in MS 2007.

Aspose.slide version: (Latest for java?)

As of my code, I am just currently reading the template and writing it to a file without touching/modifying the presentation.

pres = new Presentation(new FileInputStream(“MyTest.ppt”));
File f= new File(“c:/CIRPres_Master.ppt”);
FileOutputStream fOutputStream = new FileOutputStream(f);



Any good news?