New Bugs in Olm reader

Found more bugs in Olm reader:

Bug 1:
There was a bug related to extracting signed/encrypted emails from Olm storage.
I’ve reported it earlier and it was fixed, but not fully!
The problem was saving/exporting signed/encrypted emails from Olm was resulting invalid files!
This is fixed, but before saving/exporting, I read all items using:

For Each MyMSG As OlmMessageInfo In MyFolder.EnumerateMessages


The existing problem is that all OlmMessageInfo properties will be blank for signed, encrypted and signed/encrypted emails.
I’ve attached an olm.olm sample, inside accounts\\Inbox there are 3 emails with these subjects:
FW: Mac Sent Email SGN NOT Clear Text
FW: Mac Sent Email[1]
FW: Mac Sent Email

When reading Olm, OlmMessageInfo. From/Subject/To/etc… all will be null/nothing!
Actually, the OlmMessageInfo will be null sometimes!

Bug 2:
The same Olm file, inside accounts\\Inbox there is an email with this subject:
IsEmbeddedMessage Test
Save and extract it, now check its 2 attachments:
AE.eml.eml > Problem 1 is double repeated extension! Problem 2 is wrong extension, it’s msg not eml! Problem 3 is zero byte size!
.msg > Problem 1 is missing file name! Problem 2 is wrong file size, should be 26KB not 11KB!

Bug 3:
I’ve connected to the same gmail account and downloaded all emails both on Windows and Mac.
Then exported as Olm and Ost, now when I extract those using PersonalStorage and OlmReader, I get different body in some items.
Olm reader will make corrupted bodies!
Inside accounts\\Tasks there is only one task item with this subject:
2030 Task
See OLMvsOST1.png to find out
Another sample is shown in OLMvsOST2.png

Possible problem?
Inside accounts\\Inbox there is an email with this subject:
Undeliverable: My Journal Entry
Its message class is: IPM.Note while inside Ost, this is REPORT.IPM.Note.NDR
Not sure if this is by difference in design of Olm, or Aspose is returning wrong message class?
Also, not sure why its body is blank?
In this case, when I don’t know if message class is REPORT.IPM.NOTE.DR/REPORT.IPM.NOTE.NDR/REPORT.IPM.NOTE.DELAYED/REPORT.IPM.NOTE.RELAYED.DR/REPORT.IPM.NOTE.IPNRN/… etc, and I have a blank body, how can I process the message?

Snapshots for bug 3:
OLMvsOST1.jpg (462.2 KB)
OLMvsOST2.png (248.0 KB)
Olm file for investigation: (5.5 MB)

Please kindly forward it to the developers, I’m sure of the bugs, in addition it would be so hard to make a project for each one, I’m using a paid Html editor/viewer which cannot share here in a project due to violation of their EULA.

2 more possible issues:

In this folder:
Accounts\\RSS Feeds\MS Exchange Team Blog
All items are expected to be IPM.POST.RSS, but they are IPM.Note, expected Olm behavior or bug in Aspose?

In this folder:
Accounts\\POST\Post 1\Post 2\Post 3\Post 4\Post 5
An email with Subject: POST REPLY
Body is generated with minor issues, seems that new lines (chr10/13) are not applied correctly?

2nd Olm file (forgot to attach, some issues here) (1.5 MB),

I created the EMAILNET-40910 ticket for the bugs you found and attached description and all files there.