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New license not allowing new Java jar files


I recently renewed the license file end of last year. I have just got around to updating the Total for Java libraires to the latest. For example the Aspose PDF from version 20.10 to the latest version. If I do this I then get the the ‘This is a trial version’ in red at the top of all documents.

I am loading the license in the same mannor and there are no errors:

com.aspose.cells.License license = new com.aspose.cells.License();
		com.aspose.pdf.License pdf = new com.aspose.pdf.License();
		com.aspose.words.License word = new com.aspose.words.License();
		com.aspose.slides.License ppt = new com.aspose.slides.License();
		com.aspose.diagram.License dia = new com.aspose.diagram.License();
		dia.setLicense(PreviewApp.class.getResourceAsStream("Aspose.Total.Java.lic")); email = new;

In the license file is has the following date:

Whats going on?


Would you please share your license file with us in a private message so that we can test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly. Before sharing the license file, please make sure to test the scenario after removing old license from application resources. It would be useful to test the scenario in a new simple console application to see whether the issue is related to license settings or at the application end.

In order to send a license, please click on my avatar and press the Blue Message Button. It would open a new window for private message where you can attach your license file in .zip format and send it to us.

Thank you. When I wrote a simplified console app, it works fine, so please ignore this.