New PST Enhanced Event Handling for Merge and Split

About the new event handlers, how to control the cancellation of process in the middle?

In real-world, large data processing apps, it’s vital to be able to cancel the process.

If I use the new overload as below, output files will be part0.pst and go on…

Can I force it to capitlized: Part0.pst … (First upper char)

(StorageProcessing::e.FileName is read-only)

pst.SplitInto(5000000, String.Empty , outputFolderPath)


Support for canceling the process is in another ticket.

Changing letters to uppercase is not supported (and no such support is planned).

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Hello and thanks, does it apply when using these 2 methods:

ConvertPersonalStorageToMbox and MboxToPst

I mean when using the above can we get the current/total item count to reflect in a progress bar?

No, this event doesn’t apply there.