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Newbie question on functionality


And sorry for a question that has probably been asked before! I am NOT a developer but my company has a new website built on a .net framework. Contained in that is, obviously a series of databases with numerical information.

I have written an Excel spreadsheet that can accept a download of three databases onto three separate sheets and then a further three sheets perform a series of calculations based upon the old data to generate new data. (Assume that where Sheet 1 A1 imports X, Sheet 4 A2 spits out X+1 etc).

The calculations are somewhat more complex than that and are all interdependent. However, the results in sheets 4-6 are what I would like to import and use to overwrite the site databases.

Apologies fpr tje non-technical explanation but :

(a) is this something that Aspose Cells would make possible and easy?
(b) is it easy to find a developer to implement it?
© are my current developers just being workshy by saying that my spreadsheet can’t be implemented?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Thanks for providing us some details.

Well, Aspose.Cells does support to import/ export data from/ to a variety of data sources. Please see the documents for your complete reference:

I think to import data from the database, you will write your own code using .NET (e.g ADO.NET) to extract data from data source/ data base and then fill it with some data tables or arrays, now you may use the relevant Aspose.Cells APIs to import data from data table or arrays/ lists to Excel worksheet. Similarly if you need to update database tables with your worksheet data, you will use the relevant Aspose.Cells APIs (data exporting options) to fill data tables or arrays and write your own .NET code to update your database tables’ existing data with data table/ arrays etc., see the above two articles for complete details.

For calculations, you may easily set formulas (via Aspose.Cells APIs) to the cells in the worksheets. Aspose.Cells does have its own formula calculation engine, so you may set almost all types of MS Excel formulas/ functions to the cells and calculate them and get calculated results at runtime accordingly. See the documents in the section for your reference here:

Furthermore, Aspose also offers consulting services for enterprise clients, so if you wish to avail consulting services from Aspose, you may see the document for your reference:

Let us know if we can be of any further help.

Thank you.

Thanks for the links!! I’ll spend my morning reading up :slight_smile: