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No OleObjectFrameEx shapes found when opening a PPTX file (Using Slides for Java version


The problem:

The aspose.slides update 2.0.0 PPTX support is slightly broken: It does not find any embedded ole-objects. Only GraphicalObjectEx shapes are found, instead of
OleObjectFrameEx shapes.

Slightly more verbose explanation:

What I’m trying to achieve is simple enough and I believe ASPOSE Slides and Cells for Java ought to be well capable of this:

1. I have a PPTX file with an embedded chart.
2. I open the file and update the data in the chart
3. I save the PPTX as a new presentation.

The only requirement is that the resulting chart must be editable,
that is, a native Powerpoint/Excel chart.

Now, we created an application, which managed to do exactly this using PPT files. This was done by using the 1.9.x series of Aspose.Slides and PPTs with embedded Excel charts created with the Office 2003 family.

This solution proved to be slightly unacceptable due to the irregular behavior of embedded charts in Office 2003: immediately when such a chart is clicked, the embedded chart moves/rescales itself slightly so that all sorts of alignments between the chart and various shapes go bad.

The “embedded” charts in PowerPoint 2007 proved to be more stable in this regard.

However, after we migrated the dependencies from the com.aspose.slides.ppt package to corresponding alternatives in the *.pptx package, the program failed to pass any of the tests which manipulate OleObjectFrames (now replaced by references to OleObjectFrameEx).

This was because the ShapesEx method does not return any references to the embedded OleObjectFrameEx objects.

When we tested the latest aspose.slides 2.0.0 API using a simple PPTX presentation with the second slide containing a single embedded excel object,
the only shape in this slide was of type GraphicalObjectEx.

Obviously, the correct class for this single object should be OleObjectFrameEx.

Can you provide a solution for this problem. If the Java API is not able
to access the embedded objects, could you please provide a solution which
would achieve our goals without the problem of shifting chart objects.

Thank you,


PS. Please find attached a sample PPTX file with an embedded Excel chart
in the second slide.


Thank you for this information and example. We will investigate the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

Any updates on this issue?



If I’m not mistaken this problem already fixed in Aspose.Slides for .NET. Currently, we are porting last changes to Java version of Aspose.Slides. It can take a week or two. After that new version will be available.