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Non Work Type Resource Problem

recently I post a thread about resource assignment here , the code was fine until I changed it

            Project prj = new Project();
prj.StartDate = DateTime.Parse(“18-Aug-2009 8:00 AM”);
Task tsk1 = prj.AddTask(“Task1”);
tsk1.ConstraintType = ConstraintType.StartNoEarlierThan;
tsk1.Start = DateTime.Parse(“18-Aug-2009 8:00 AM”);
Task tsk2 = prj.AddTask(“Task2”);
tsk2.ConstraintType = ConstraintType.StartNoEarlierThan;
tsk2.Start = DateTime.Parse(“19-Aug-2009 8:00 AM”);
Resource res1 = prj.AddResource(“Resource1”);
res1.Type = ResourceType.Cost;
ResourceAssignment ra1 = prj.AddResourceAssignment(tsk1, res1);
ResourceAssignment ra2 = prj.AddResourceAssignment(tsk2, res1);
//Save the Project
prj.Save(“C:\testres.xml”, Aspose.Tasks.Saving.SaveFileFormat.XML);

assign any type except Work to resource result in Zero Duration , am I miss something?
and is there any progress about split problem ?
thank you for any help

Hi Pazoki,

We are sorry for a delayed response. Please spare us a little time so that we can investigate the issue at our end and assist you further. We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

Hi Pazoki,

I have tested the scenario and found that task duration changes to zero when resource type is set to type other than work. This issue is logged in our issue tracking system under id:TASKS-33626. Development team will look into it and will share their findings with us. I will write back here as soon as feedback is received from the development team.

Please feel free to write us back for any further queries.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as ) have been fixed in this Aspose.Words for JasperReports 18.3 update.