Not able to download surface 3D charts image in .NET

I am not able to download 3D surface chart as Image in latest version of Aspose.cells(22.12).
Its converted to 0Kb image.

  • 3D surface chart
  • Wireframe 3D surface chart
  • Surface contour chart
  • Wireframe contour chart.

using (MemoryStream st = new MemoryStream())
chart.ToImage(st, ImageType.Png);
bytes = st.ToArray();



Yes, this is expected as currently rendering Surface charts to image is not supported, see the document on supported charts list for rendering for your reference.

We might support the feature in future versions.

Hi @Amjad_Sahi,
one more thing I have observed, whenever I convert chart to Image the quality of image is not up to the mark.
Please find attachment for more (59.5 KB)


Please try using EMF image type, it will give the quality images. If you still find the quality issue, kindly share your sample code that you are using to render charts to image files. We will check your issue soon.