Not able to extract a very simple report designed

hi Team,

i am using Aspose.Words.ReportingServices.dll -Report Viewer 2017

i have configured all steps as mentioned in the link

Integrating Manually with Visual Studio Report Designer | Documentation (

Even after that the report saved using DOC, DOCX saved using DLL are empty

Please guide , let me know we can have a screen share session to close this topic asap

I need to validate this tool for my project ASAP

Please help

@udayadav Please make sure your report is not empty, if the report is empty, Aspose.Words will generate an empty document. Also, please attach the following resources, which will help us to resolve your issue:

  1. Attach the .rdl or rdlc report(s) that cause the issue(s).
  2. Attach the resulting Microsoft Word documents produced by the rendering extension.
  3. Describe the problem; specify what error you get, what document formatting is incorrect etc.
  4. Attach your data source if possible. A neat way of extracting a database to send is backing it up to a single disk file.

@alexey.noskov Can you please help me share a simple working .NET project example to generate a word report out of RDLC

i would like to make some addition on the top and share you again if that does not work

@udayadav Please see the attached project.
It generates a simple report.