Not able to Find text data from pdf file

Try to find the text from pdf. but I am not able to find the text.
My finding text is “2c9f80f373a331b80173a338a0db0007_SIGNATURE” in pdf file.
I can able to find “2c9f80f373a331b80173a338a0db0007_TITLE” text but when it is comming some data in next line as like “2c9f80f373a331b80173a338a0db0007_SIGNATURE” that time code is not able to find the text.
And “2c9f80f373a331b80173a338a0db0007_SIGNATURE” text is hiidden in my pdf file.
I attached code, pdf, and converted Docx file for reference.
PFA (60.3 KB)


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