Not able to view seconds data for revision datetime

I am trying to compare the datetime of aspose words revision with another datetime and I am looking for comparison up to seconds. But I am always seeing the seconds as 0. Is there any way I can see the seconds also along with hours and min in the datetime of revision?

@suchira19 In this case you can use TimeSpan. For example see the following code:

DateTime time1 = DateTime.Now;
DateTime time2 = DateTime.Now.AddSeconds(10);

TimeSpan span = (time2 - time1);

This code will return the difference between the first DateTime and the second in milliseconds.

Actually I am looking specifically for the seconds value in Aspose.words.Revision.DateTime class which I am always getting as 0. Is there any way I can get the exact seconds value?

@suchira19 If you need to get seconds component from DateTime, you should use DateTime.Second property.
Node, Revision.DateTime property gets or sets the date/time of the revision. The value of this property is read from the document.

@alexey.noskov My requirement is to compare Revision.DateTime with another DateTime and in the other DateTime I am getting the accurate seconds value but in the Revision.DateTime I am always getting seconds as 0. I tried getting DateTime.Second property from Revision DateTime but its always returning me 0. Below is my use case

DateTime revDateTime = revision.DateTime;
int result = DateTime.Compare( revDateTime, exportDateTime );

where exportDateTime is my other DateTime which is giving me accurate value of hours , min and seconds. The revDateTime is giving hours and min but for seconds its showing 0.
Based on what value I get in result my remaining logic will continue. If the result is coming as 1 which means that my revDateTime is ahead of exportDateTime then I will process my remaining logic. The issue which is happening is if revDateTime is ahead of exportDateTime by less than 60 seconds then that difference is not coming because the seconds in revDateTime is always 0.

@suchira19 As I mentioned the value of Revision.DateTime is read from the document. So if this value does not have seconds component or it is zero, you will get zero from DateTime.Second property.
Could you please attach your input document with the revision you are checking? We will check it and provide you more information.

@alexey.noskov Please find attached the document.ReqSpecTest.docx (28.8 KB)

@suchira19 If you check revision definition in your document, you will note seconds component in revision date is zero:

<w:del w:id="2" w:author="demo" w:date="2022-09-26T13:43:00Z">
<w:del w:id="3" w:author="Sen, Suchira (DI SW LCS APPS MBSE SM)" w:date="2022-09-27T12:53:00Z">