Not impressed

We’ve been using Puma .NET, a free open-source OCR solution for about a year now. When I read about Aspose OCR .NET libraries, I thought this would make our life easier and improve the performance over our free solution. Well, it is the opposite. The recognition process is slow and almost useless in terms of result. We are getting a far better and faster result from Puma .Net.

When we posted our questions on the forum, we got replies that did not fix the situation, recognized that the problem was on Aspose side and offered us to wait for a fix. We never got a reply to our tech support request after that. In fact, even the newest version 3.8 still has the same issues for us.

The same thing happened with the Aspose Imaging .NET product. It will let us convert a few DWG but fails miserably at most and even throws errors at files that Autodesk TrueView reads and displays flawlessly.

We’ve been waiting for 8 months now. At this point, we’re moving for a refund.
Hi Benoit,

Thank you for your inquiry.

This is to update you that we have noted the information that you shared regarding issues you are facing. Furthermore we have escalated your inquiry. The issue has been highlighted in front of the management. They will now look into it. We will update you accordingly via this forum thread.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.