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Not seeing Text created by Aposee in Visio File

Greetings, I am creating some text on a Visio Document, I am calling APi on 18.8 and on 18.6, the document gets created but no text, when I save to PDF, JPG and other I am able to see it, just not in the vsdx file format

I am also running the examples you provide and get the same result

I am using Visio 2013 and Visio 2016 as well

This is the code I use to draw text

            diagram.pages.getPage(0).addText(1.0, offsetY, 1.0, 1.0,"id:" + id)
            diagram.pages.getPage(0).addText(startX + 2, offsetY, 2.0, 2.0, "name:" + name)


Thank you for contacting support.

Would you please share a complete code snippet that you are using to create text, along with source and generated files. So that we may try to reproduce and investigate it in our environment.


Code Below (Kotlin)

I got it to work now, it does display text, but currently only I can add 10 text shapes to each page, is there a limit on evaluation period?

        for (pair : Pair<String, String> in resources) {
            val id = pair.first
            val name = pair.second

            val offsetY = 8.1 - (incrementY * increment)

            //diagram.pages.getPage(0).addText(startX+3, offsetY, 1.0, 1.0,"id:" + id + " ---- name:" + name)
            //diagram.pages.getPage(0).addText(startX+3, offsetY, 1.0, 1.0, "Inc:" + incrementY)
            diagram.pages.getPage(1).addText(startX,  offsetY, 5.0, 0.5, "" + incrementY + "id:" + id + " ---- name:" + name)

            if (incrementY > 30) {
                diagram.pages.getPage(0).addText(startX,  offsetY, 5.0, 0.5, "" + incrementY + "id:" + id + " ---- name:" + name)




        val options = DiagramSaveOptions(SaveFileFormat.VSDX)

        // set Auto fit page property
        options.autoFitPageToDrawingContent = true

        // Save diagram
        diagram.save(targetFilePath, options)
        diagram.save(fromPath + "/TextFile-out.vdx", SaveFileFormat.VDX)

        diagram.save(fromPath + "/TextFile-out.vsdm", SaveFileFormat.VSDM)
        diagram.save(fromPath + "/TextFile-out.vsdm", SaveFileFormat.VSDM)
        diagram.save(fromPath + "/TextFile-out.vsx", SaveFileFormat.VSX)

        diagram.save(fromPath + "/TextFile-out.jpg", SaveFileFormat.JPEG)
        diagram.save(fromPath + "/TextFile-out.pdf", SaveFileFormat.PDF)
        diagram.save(fromPath + "/TextFile-out.html", SaveFileFormat.HTML)
        diagram.save(fromPath + "/TextFile-out.png", SaveFileFormat.PNG)
        diagram.save(fromPath + "/TextFile-out.svg", SaveFileFormat.SVG)

        return targetFilePath


We are glad to know that things have started working in your environment. Currently you are facing an evaluation limitation which limits to work with only first ten shapes of the first page of your Visio diagram, in addition to an evaluation watermark.

However, you can test the API in its full capacity by applying a 30-days temporary license. You may apply for temporary license on the given link and evaluate latest version of the API as per your requirements. Once you complete evaluation process, you may purchase the license to keep using APIs features. In case you face any issue, please feel free to let us know.