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Not working?

I’ve tried e-mailing, now I’ll try this.
At first I was getting, temp save error. Buit now stumbled on the hotfix in a post.
Also, the “Used by anothe process” error, which I also fixed.
Now I get the pdf created successfully but it’s not populated. It does have the trial header on it now. The version I download first (and only) did NOT have a header on it and outside of the problems listed above, I was able to open the pdf and it was populated, but the text was all different fonts???

I need to see if this will work, before I go back to ActivePDF.

Thank you.

Dear aspnetme,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Pdf.Form.

About the problem you have asked, the following is the answers:
1.About the problem “Access to the path “c:windowssystem32inetsrvttttttttemp” is denied”, you can refer to the post in our forum . And note that this only appears when you use the trial version, it will not appear in the purchased version.

2.About the problem “different fonts’ text and different size’s field”, I have downloaded your attachment, but they can’t be opened. Could you send me the template pdf again to me? I will test your code and the template pdf ASAP. My email is By the way, you can read this post , perhaps it can resolve your problem.

Best regards

Dear aspnetme,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Aspose.Pdf.Form is published, you can read the blog and download the setup or hotfix here.

Best regards.