NOTE - Can Aspose fulfil those requirements?

Dear Aspose team,

during last few weeks I was testing Aspose Total for .NET components.
I fund more than few bugs and also created few feature requests but
based on your responses plus what is already possible Aspose components
looks promising.

Before I make final decission to buy I would like to clarify few more
points so I’ll provide what is my scenario.

We have software which is used to fix broken link (hyperlinks, OLE Object
links, Link Sources, Connections…) plus also can make changed in different
parts of Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project and Visio).

As we rely on Office automatization our goal is to change our software to be
independant of Office applications and that is where Aspose comes into game.

We need:

  • to open Office documents (later we will also provide support for PDF, OneNote,
    Email, basically everything what Aspose can)
  • in each document we will search for some string and make replacement with
    some other string. For example, we will search for string SERVER1 and replace
    it with SERVERABC.
  • we will need to find all links with number how many they are with their properties
    like URL, TextToDisplay… depending on document type
  • all changes will be saved in the same file meaning if we open, for example, Word 2013
    document named Test.docx we will make replacement in this document and save it keeping
    same file format
  • Existing formatting of processed documents has to stay untouched; only replacement should
    be done; documents should not be changed in any other way except of that what was requested
    during replacement processed

Can Aspose components fulfil those requirements?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Oliver,

Thank you for contacting support. I would like to address you regarding Aspose.Note component part. Aspose.Note API covers your requirement to replace strings without changing other text formatting or content of the diagram. Please go through the help topics and let us in case, you have any confusion or questions:

We hope, this helps.