Notes issue

I am having an issue reading slides back from powerpoint.

Here are the steps I am attempting to do.

Read a presentation file (1 slide) - pres1
Read a presentation file (1 slide) - pres2
clone pres2 slide1 into pres1 as slide1
copy the notes
delete handout

all of this completes succesfully but after powerpoint saves the file it is corrupted and cannot be read again.

The only difference I found is that if I don’t copy the notes then every thing works fine and powerpoint can read and save the file without corrupting it.

here is the actual code


Presentation template = new Presentation(TemplateYellow.ppt);
Presentation source = new Presentation(SlideChart.ppt);
Slide newSlide = source.CloneSlide(source.GetSlideByPosition(1), 1, template, new SortedList());
CopyNotes(source.GetSlideByPosition(1), newSlide);

public static void CopyNotes(Slide From, Slide To)
if (From.Notes != null && From.Notes.Text.Trim() != “”)


for (int p = 0; p < From.Notes.Paragraphs.Count; p++)


To.Notes.Paragraphs.Add(new Paragraph(From.Notes.Paragraphs[p]));





I found out TemplateYellow.ppt is corrupt. Opening it in MS-PowerPoint 2002 and saving it back with "Save As..." menu option, the problem mentioned by you does not occur. Note, Allow fast saves option is disabled in my PowerPoint.

I have attached the TemplateYellow.ppt after saving it back using Save As menu command.

thanks, but it look like my issue here was only a symptom of my other post
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Dear Plunk,

I have reproduced this bug and reported it. As soon as it is fixed, I will let you know and hopefully, you will be having no more problem of reading back presentations.


This is good news that you were able to reporoduce the problem. We are concerned as we are making and altering presentations that could potentially not be forwardly compatable with PPT2007 and this could cause serious problem for us. I imagine all who use your Aspose Slides could be experiencing a simular situation.

Do you have an estimated time for a hotfix on this item?

We certainly appreciate your assitance in this.

Best Regards,