Notification of Hotfixes


Could you add the functionality that when hotfixes are made to products, that anyone who has purchased that product will get an email notification?

You could add an option to member profiles for people to enable/disable the email notifications if they don't want them. Otherwise it's kind of a pain to have to periodically check every product that we have purchased to find out if there are any updates to the dll.




Hey Dan,

Thank you for the post and for the suggestion. The good news is we are currently in the process of upgrading our website framework; unfortunately, I do not believe that feature will be included on the first pass. We will work to integrate the requested feature ASAP. In order to help in the interim I would like to reccomend our RSS feeds. A while back I shared in a blog post a bit about a great, free RSS reader I came across: ... There is also another product I am aware of that will deliver RSS feeds straight into Outlook: ... however, it is a commercial package and costs $30 USD.

The following is the RSS feed for all Aspose blogs: ... and each product has their own RSS feed in case you prefer to only recieve news for certain products.

As soon as the feature you spoke of has been added we will reply to this forum post. Please be sure to let us know if there is any other way that we can help and we will be more than glad to.