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Number 8 Missing In PDF file with some viewers

This was reported by some of our customers.

I’m using version:

If we use Aspose to convert an xlsx file to PDF and look at the PDF file in a viewer like FireFox’s or some iPad viewers it will be missing the 8 character.

The code I’m using is very straightforward:

var asposeworkbook = new Aspose.Cells.Workbook(Filename);
asposeworkbook.Save(ExportFilePath, Aspose.Cells.SaveFormat.Pdf);

To reproduce this issue:

  1. Use the spreadsheet I attached.
  2. Use the above code and convert the file to PDF
  3. Open the PDF using FireFox
  4. Notice the missing 8

Please let me know any other info I can tell you.

Hi Rich,

Thanks for your posting and using Aspose.Cells for .NET.

We were able to observe this issue. Number 8 is missing in the output pdf when it is viewed in FireFox. We have logged this issue in our database for investigation. We will look into it and fix this issue. Once, the issue is resolved or we have some other update for you, we will let you know asap.

This issue has been logged as CELLSNET-42421.

I have attached the output pdf and screenshot for a reference.


Workbook workbook = new Workbook(“30025679.xlsx”);



Hi Rich,

Thanks for using Aspose.Cells.

This may be the problem of the build-in viewer of FireFox. Our
generated PDF meets the standards of Adobe PDF.

Please first add Adobe
Acrobat plugin to FireFox and set it as mentioned in this link: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/disable-built-pdf-viewer-and-use-another-viewer. Then FireFox will use Adobe plugin to load pdf.



Thanks for you reply. I'm pretty sure that this is a defect in Aspose. Here's why: Competing products handle the conversion correctly. For example, if I use MS Office, I can see the 8, if I use Active PDF, I can see the 8.

Also, your solution works fine for Windows users, but if you read my OP, you'll see I also mentioned that iOS PDF Viewers have the same issue.

Thirdly, I can't ask 20,000 customers to go thru your steps. Please remember that the internet is open to many, many users. (If it was just my company, your workaround would be fine.) What about Linux users?

We have found that Adobe's reader is very "forgiving" of incorrect PDFs. We have seen many times that a new scanner (for example) will produce a PDF that is technically not in spec, but it's viewable with Adobe viewer.

Sorry, but if other products can generate a PDF that correctly viewable in FireFox and Aspose creates a PDF with the same symptoms in multiple Viewers, then there is only one logical conclusion. :-)

Edit: I contacted one of my customers today and he let me know that he sees this issue using Adobe PDF Viewer for iPad.


Hi Rich,

Thanks for your posting and using Aspose.Cells.

We have logged your comments in our database against this issue for consideration. We will look into it and see how it could be resolved. Once, it is fixed or we have some other update for you, we will let you know asap.

This issue has been logged as CELLSNET-42421.


Thanks for using Aspose.Cells.

Please download and try the fix: Aspose.Cells
for .NET v7.7.2.6
and let us know your feedback.

Initial testing (FireFox only) looks good! I see an 8 with my test doc. We will do more testing and we will let you know how it goes.



Good to know that your issue is resolved now. Feel free to contact us any time if you find any issue or have some other queries, we will be happy to assist you soon.

Thank you.

Our testers also tested on iPad and Mac. Both places they can see the 8.

Good work! Thanks.


Thanks for your feedback.

It is good to know that the latest fix is working fine now. Let us know if you encounter any other issue, we will be glad to look into it and help you further.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as CELLSNET-42421) have been fixed in this update.

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