Number List issue when setting depth


In the attached solution ( (41.3 KB)) you can find a pptx which has predefined master slide with different formats for different ParagraphFormat.Depth.

In current scenario I want to use the fifth ParagraphFormat.Depth which formats a numeric list.
I want also to use ParagraphFormat.Bullet.NumberedBulletStartWith, so that my list will start from a different starting point.

The end result that I’m expecting in final pptx is something like this
2.bullet 2
3.bullet 3
5.bullet 5

but I receive
2.bullet 2
1.bullet 3
5.bullet 5

I can use ParagraphFormat.Bullet.NumberedBulletStartWith = 3 to achieve the result that I need, but this will create 3 different lists in final pptx.

Could you please tell me if this is a bug or if I’m doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance,



I have observed the issue shared by you. I have created an investigation ticket with ID SLIDESNET-41324 in our issue tracking system to further investigate if it is really a performance issue or not. We will share the further feedback with you ass soon as it will be shared by our product team after investigation.