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Number of columns Supported by Aspose version

Hi All,

I am using Aspose version . In my excel sheet .. I have to get nearly 280 columns..

but I am getting only 256 columns in my sheet..

I want to know that , what is the max limit of columns supported by excel.

and if I want have more columns than allowable limit .. what I have to do..

Please help me out in this Problem..


Hi Jack,

Sure! you can do that but before saving file, please set the file format to excel2007. Like in the following line of code:

workbook.Save("C:\\celltest.xlsx", FileFormatType.Excel2007Xlsx);

It all depends on the version of MS excel you have. The numbers of columns in version earlier then Excel 2007 are 256. They are labeled by letters. After Z you get AA, AB, and AC etc. until you get to AZ. Then it is BA, BB, and BC and so on. The 256th column is IV. There have been 65,536 rows, all numbered. This makes 16,777,216 cells.

In Excel 2007 the maximum number of rows per worksheet is now 1,048,576 and the number of columns is 16,384 which is column XFD. That makes 17,179,869,184 cells.