Numbering Formatting lost in generated document



I have created user defined style for numbering (need to have list styled as A, 1, a at different indent levels) in my document template, so that it has the following formatting style


A This is line A

1 This is line 1

a This is line a

b This is line b

2 This is in line 2

I have then inserted a mergefield and applied this style to the mergefield - which is seems to let me do happily.

I then generate a document based on this template, using DocumentBuilder.InsertHtml() to insert some numbered lists.


  1. Line A

    1. Line 1

      1. Line a

      2. Line b

    2. Line 2

    3. Line 3

    4. Line 4

    5. Line 5

    6. Line 6

    7. Line 7

  2. Line B

However in the generated document the merged field text numbering style is set to No List and the numbering is (1, a, i - which is the default word numbering).

If i then reapply my custom style to the inserted text in the generated document manually the list is updated correctly.

Could you please let me know how I can preserve the numbering style list when generating the document.




Support for numbering styles is not yet implemented in Aspose.Words. We are currently working on this feature. It will be implemented later this year.


Is there any work around for this problem ? Our client wants to be able to specify the numbering styles in the generated document.

Is it possible to retrieve formatting information for a mergefield via the document builder?




Unfortunately, there is no workaround available at the moment. We are currently working on adding support for list styles in the future versions of Aspose.Words.


We have added more support for list styles in Aspose.Words 3.6.1. Please check if the problem still exists with the new version and send us your template document if it does.

Best regards,



I have downloaded and tested Aspose.Words 3.6.1 in relation to fixing the list style numbering issue we had, unfortunately the new release still ignores/does not apply the list numbering style applied to the mergefield in the document template.

I believe, from the release notes, that list numbering styles are now supported for loading/saving and copying between doc files, however we are generating a document from a template using mergefields and the .InsertHtml() method.

Does the new release provide a work around for what we are trying to achieve? We want the styling of the generated numbered lists to be taken from the corresponding mergefield in the document template.




Please compose a test project illustrating your task and attach it here.

We will check if it is possible to achieve with the current version and add the required features in the next hotfix if necessary.

Best Regards,