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OAuth Support for EWS with Office 365 documentation

Hi I’m new Aspose, and I’m trying to update an existing application to use OAuth.

We are using version, and I have found this documentation:

But if I use the example I get errors on the two lines:

AuthenticationContext authenticationContext = new AuthenticationContext(authority, false);
// it says that the constructor don’t take any arguments

AuthenticationResult authenticationResult = authenticationContext.AcquireToken(resource, clientID, clientAppUri);
// here it says that AuthenticationContext don’t contain a definition for AcuireToken

On the page I linked to, it does not say what versions it covers.
Is the documentation I linked to, only for the newest version?
If yes, does documentation for older versions exists, or do we need to update to newest version?

Welcome to our community!
To my regret, that documentation article is out of date. Thank you for your notes. I logged the issue in our tracking system with ID EMAILNET-40095 for updating the article.
I hope the next code snippet will help you with actual authentications:

OAuthTestUser oAuthUser = (OAuthTestUser)user;
string[] scopeAr = new string[]
    // O365 ----------------------
    // Exchange Web Services will not receive feature updates
    // Basic Authentication for EWS will be decommissioned


ITokenProvider tokenProvider = new AzureROPCTokenProvider(

NetworkCredential credentials = new OAuthNetworkCredential(tokenProvider);
IEWSClient client = EWSClient.GetEWSClient(server.EWSUrl, credentials);

Additional documents:
Authenticate an EWS application by using OAuth
Acquire a token from Azure AD for authorizing requests from a client application

I tried your code snippet, but now it does not recognize “AzureROPCTokenProvider”

I then googled “AzureROPCTokenProvider” and there was only a single link to your support forum.

I then created the sample of simple implementation of ITokenProvider mentioned in the thread, but then the AzureTokenResponse was an unknown type, and finally I found this on stack overflow.

In the end I decided to go with microsofts Identity.Client

        // Using Microsoft.Identity.Client 4.22.0
        var cca = ConfidentialClientApplicationBuilder

        // The permission scope required for EWS access
        var ewsScopes = new string[] { "" };

        //Make the token request
        var authResult = await cca.AcquireTokenForClient(ewsScopes).ExecuteAsync();

Thank you for your investigation. Yes, AzureROPCTokenProvider class is our implementation of ITokenProvider interface for tests. My code snippet demonstrates a custom authentication without details. I am glad to see that you found the solution with Identity.Client.