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Object Changed message


We've downloaded an eval copy of Slides for Java. In attempting to add objects to a slide, we get no errors, but do get a new presentation with new slides, but the slides simply say OBJECT CHANGED....

Is this a limitation of the eval edition? If so, I'm not seeing how we can eval it at all. We need to be able to add an image to a slide, then save it within the ppt file so that we can email one file, without the linked image file and be done with it...

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Eric Holsinger, Nortel Government Solutions, Inc.

Dear Eric,

If you need just add image on a slide you should add Picure and PictureFrame but not OleObjectFrame.
Please check example in the Programmer’s Guide:

Also you can read about OLE objects and “Object Changed” text here: