OCR conversion issue



Can anyone tell me if I’m doing anything wrong as I’ve tried to convert the attached bmp file and is getting the following:

cry { fruceatq JacEnglaq l necqT-gq qna anql= ffiegqr laqwA=gq and m =gq czTti TaraLi cr c criTa - T en gr eaginq =qqruc caLT a - -ec y i nspEqgjaj . 1=gq = LT25e5 L re=~ - rr=ILq f ne- l e- = n I F a crEngine . LATaagee - Mampage t Liccut ce- Load c n erg l l 52n 1 1 F accungtae . Jantig . Neemagaticaunczeczuzn = taLsei accungine r Jantig rUeenetalLquicqLanaruee = zzael I I 5q1qgc caeti qcg czaecztleeLqgz LMcomchomLock cecc=4LAnct = -se-h-=miciomin=-o-ccele par ur 120F 100 a crE agine . MecopLcLa mLack f cesc=gLeeLocky F f T 5 q LL er zazzq tiLeameand egLaq cLccaLegu arzng raccengine - Reenarce = nem - -ee cre=T crescurcesuL=q-r l - - eLin e - aea) I { cce t it raccEngLae-erncese I i i { ci T 5 l-e- Wr iq eutne t recquagLedLact - fexc - Insgring c 1 ) F T

Nothing seems to be converted properly!


Hi Mustafe,

Thank you for your inquiry and sharing code snippet.

This is to update you that we need the sample input image that you are using at your end. This will help us to reproduce the issue at our end. Please forward us the sample input image. We will evaluate it and will update you about our findings via this forum thread.


Hi Ikram

Thanks for the reply, the sample I’d use is the attached zip file in my original post.



Hi Mustafe,

Thank you for writing us back.

This is to update you that Aspose.OCR APIs currently supports Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, Tahoma, Calibri and Verdana in Regular, Bold and Italic styles with black text color and white background. Images with colorful background are not supported. Please note that the current implementation of the Aspose.OCR APIs perform well with images having resolution of at least 300 DPI and the accuracy rate tends to decrease by decreasing the resolution.

The issue has been logged into our system with ID OCRNET-2988. Our product team will further look into this issue and provide feedback. We will update you about the feedback via this forum thread.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as ) have been fixed in this Aspose.Words for JasperReports 18.3 update.