OCR PDF - Auto Skew Correction



Simple use case scenario… we’d like to perform some optimisation of scanned PDF documents.

We are breaking down each page into an image file for processing…

Can you confirm how we could apply image optimisations, specifically auto deskew before converting back to PDF?

Using OMR cloud is not an option, we need to utilise a local library.

ref: https://blog.aspose.com/2016/02/08/image-skew-correction-and-auto-setting-barcodeelement-type-property-with-aspose.ocr-for-.net-3.3.0/




In past, Aspose.OMR was part of the downloadable version of Aspose.OCR, however it has been discontinued since long and we are not maintaining it now. I am afraid this feature is part of Aspose.OMR for Cloud only and we are not providing and downloadable version of that.


Thanks for the update… so are you saying that this can’t be done with the standard SDK in anyway and we would have to use the cloud version? (Which we can’t due to security restrictions)



Yes, you are right. The only possible solution is to use an older version of Aspose.OCR which includes Aspose.OMR but that is also not a recommended solution because we will not be able to fix any issues if you will see any issue/bug.


This is worrying on a few levels. This is obviously pretty standard and important functionality, is this approach going to affect other parts of the SDKs you provide?

We’ve just installed a trial of Accusoft ImageGear… we’re not overly keen to purchase another library but I’m not sure what else we can do?



This is not the case with other APIs but in case of Aspose.OCR, it is not viable to continue developing downloadable version of Aspose.OCR and Aspose.OMR because of the performance issues. Aspose.OCR and Aspose.OMR for Cloud do not have any performance issues and that is why we recommend our customers to migrate to Cloud versions of these APIs.

We are discussing this issue internally and will update you with our findings soon.



We are planning to launch the downloadable version of Aspose.OMR for .NET and Java, however, it can take some time. The only option at the moment is Aspose.OMR for Cloud and Aspose.OMR for .NET and Java is expected to be launched after a few months. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Great news, just to be clear are you estimating release the downloadable version around October time this year?



There are very rare chances of releasing the downloadable versions in this year, however, you can expect it in the next year.