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OCR revamp


We are very interested in Aspose OCR and are wondering when the re-vamped Java version will be available.

I have tried the 1.1 version and find it extremely slow and not very accurate. Do you expect the next version to be much improved?

I have attached an image that is representative of the quality of image that we would expect to be able to scan. Hopefully you may find it useful for testing.

Henrick Blake
Daeja Image Systems

Hi Henrick,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.OCR.

You’ll agree, OCR technology is a very complex area. Aspose.OCR is still an early stage product and doesn't quite meet the expectations. Our development team is working hard to improve the performance and capabilities of the product. We have plan to release a significantly improve version in early 2013

It will take time for the product to mature, but hopefully with next couple of new releases Aspose.OCR come closer to the expectations.

Thanks again for your feedback and sample Image.

Best Regards,

Thanks for the speedy reply, we look forward to testing the new version when its ready.

Henrick Blake