OCR tiff image

I have tried to use the example code listed in the documentation. I keep receiving an error that resource is Writeonly. I am using VB.Net 2010 inside Visual Studio 2010. I am trying to extract text from a tiff image. If there are any samples that would work within Visual Studio 2010 that would be great.

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Hi Mike,

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Hi Mike,

You can download the C# or VB.NET samples from http://www.aspose.com/community/files/51/.net-components/aspose.ocr_for_.net/category1405.aspx and examples from https://github.com/asposeocr/Aspose_OCR_NET/downloads for all versions of Visual Studio. You just need to download latest version of the product and respective resource file from http://www.aspose.com/community/files/51/.net-components/aspose.ocr_for_.net/default.aspx and change the path to resource file in the examples.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have further comments or questions.

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