ODT to PDF conversion renders table row heights incorrectly

When converting an ODT to PDF containing a table, the table rows are rendered bigger than the original, causing the PDF to render over two pages instead of one.

This is demonstrated in the attached zip:

  • Test Chart - 20230124.odt is the original ODT file
  • Test Chart - OpenOffice.pdf is the ODT file exported to PDF using OpenOffice
  • Test Chart - Aspose.pdf is the ODT file exported to PDF using Apose Words for Java

Test Chart.zip (114.1 KB)

Is there any way to get Aspose to respect the height of the rows in the original document?

The file is exported using:

Document document = new Document("Test Chart - 20230124.odt");
int format = FileFormatUtil.contentTypeToSaveFormat("application/pdf");
SaveOptions options = SaveOptions.createSaveOptions(format);           
document.save("Test Chart - Aspose.pdf", options);               

The same problem can be seen using the online converter at Convert Files Online - Word, PDF, HTML, JPG And Many More

@unb Aspose.Words renders the document the same way as MS Word does. Looks like different defaults are used by OpenOffice and MS Word.

We have opened the following new ticket in our internal issue tracking system and will deliver their fixes according to the terms mentioned in Free Support Policies.

Issue ID(s): WORDSNET-24872

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