Office Documents to PDF Conversion



We want to convert Word, Excel, Power Point and Visio documents to PDF from ASP.NET without installing Office and Visio

Is there any product suite for the above requirement

We found AspPose.PDF, ASPPose.Word, ASPPose.Slides (Power Point), ASPPose.Cells (Excel) but not sure about Visio.



Dear customers,

Aspose.Diagram is not on the market for sale so this forum is currently used for feature requests only.

Aspose.Diagram is probably defined as a pure .Net alternative for Microssoft Visio Object Model but with much better performance price ratio, like Aspose.Words and Aspose.Cells. Now we're totally open to your requests on how it should look like so feel free to post your needs.

Thanks for your valuable input in advance.


Just looking if there are plans to code a diagram module for automating the creation of Visio type diagrams.

I currently have an application that stores alot of data for that can be used to creating network diagrams, but using the Visio object liabray (if it's like most other office libraries) will probably be to slow and cumbersome.

It would be great is Aspose had a diagram module developed!



Dear David,

Thank you for expressing your interest in Aspose.Diagram.

Just want to let you know I'm making efforts to get a product team to develop it. I will keep you posted on the progress.


Hey very cool.

As far as needs, well I'm not sure how I'd like it to look. But from a very generic point of view, it would be nice if it followed a similar model to how you do chart. Setup the type of diagram (swim lane, flowchart, star diagram, org chart diagram, etc...) And that object would hopefully have all the logic to create the layout. Of course depending on what type of diagram you are creating, the parameters will have different effects.

It would be cool if we could just specify the diagram types, create item instances with some kind of heirarchy, and the objects would lay themselves out according. Hopefully a good subset of available images, and the ability to replace certain object images with your own image if needed.

That's my generic though



Will you be looking at including the functionality to convert to PDF in a similar to Words and Cells?



Yes absolutely... conversion to PDF is a must. Our immediate need is creating network diagrams off of the data in our database for customer approval.

I have spoken to our local managers, and they are very excited about this possibility.


Hi ,

I think Aspose.Diagram is a great idea for a product and I wish if you let this product support opening and displaying XPDL files so it could be usefull with Aspose.Workflow then we can allow our users to display the tasks and activities for a workflow process .


I’m glad to report that the development of the Aspose.Diagram component advances with great strides. We have an awesome progress and we are really happy with the results. Putting our best efforts to the development, we hope you will enjoy our work once it gets completed.

Your contribution is essential as ever. Please keep on posting here your requests as to what features you wish to see in the new product. I promise we will consider them all and many of them will be implemented as soon as we are ready to. Your proposals are welcome. You can tell us about your usage scenarios to let us adjust the component to your needs. Or you can even simply post that you do require such component for your business. Judging by past requests and by the number of this thread’s views, we have concluded that you are truly interested in our brand new Aspose.Diagram product. However, your continuous feedback is greatly appreciated.


Dear Pavi,

As I know, we have no Visio product yet. I will contact other teams and if we have plan on this issue I will let you know.


Dear Pavi,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Tommy is correct, at the moment we do not have a Visio format processing component. However, we are developing it actively and are planning to release it in several months. It will surely support the conversion to PDF as well as other great functionality. We will notify you once the component is completed.


This is great news!!!!

Keep us posted on you progress, we'll be willing to test this is out as soon as you have something.



Has there been any updates on this?

Is this still in developement or has it stalled?
I know that the powers that be here are really looking for this functionality.