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How are you? Let me tell you my requirements and then maybe you can provide me some solution.

I have an website. I have a page where users can upload, either, word documents, PowerPoint presentations or PDF files. If it is a PDF file, I have no problems. However, if it is word or PowerPoint, I need to be able to convert it to PDF before saving it. I have a windows 2003 64-bit server. Can this be done by any of your products? Please provide some details.

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Hello Dear,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Slides.

You will be pleased to know that Aspose.Slides for .NET meets the requirement of converting presentation file to PDF. Please follow this documentation link to see how to convert a PPT to PDF. Please also visit this demo section link to see how to convert PPT to PDF. Please feel free to share if you still feel any problem.

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So Aspose.Slides can convert Powerpoint to PDF? What about DOC files? Do you have one product that can converts MS Office files to PDF in on the fly?

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Yes, Aspose.Slides for .NET can convert PowerPoint presentations to PDF. The DOC files can also be converted to PDF using Aspose.Words for .NET. I will request the Aspose.Words support team to provide you better technical support.

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Thank you for your interest in Aspose components. Sure, you can use Aspose.Words to convert Ms Word documents to PDF. Please follow the link for more information:

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