Office XP Support

I have an app using Aspose.Slides (v that is working great. However, I just received a complaint from a user who has a problem opening the generated slideshow using Office XP. Are there compatability issues with Office PowerPoint XP? I don’t see anything about what versions it supports anywhere.



Dear Greg,

There shouldn’t be any problem opening in Office XP. Please provide us your code snippet and/or source presentation(s), so we could investigate and fix it.

I think it’s the user’s computer. I found a computer here that had Office XP on it and the presentation worked fine. Thanks for your help.


FYI, I did find out what was happening with this. There were some empty text boxes in the presentation (you know where in design mode you see “click here to enter text”). When the presentation was being opened by the end user it would get to those slides and hang. I deleted the empty text boxes and resent the ppt to him and it worked fine.

Thought someone might want to know at some point.


Thanks for posting.