OLE Sheet Update missing images and charts


I have attached the following slide code. I have requirement where I need the spreadsheet could contain charts and data. I like to be able to have the PPT to take in the OLE objects that also have both. But unfortunately, the output only return the table data and not image\chart that the excel embeds. Please see the code and PPT file\excel.

The second question I have is, if I define in the source ppt (TestExcel.pptx) with OLE object with certain size and location, and when I used my attached code to update the OLE object, why does it not maintain the previous size and location?

Please advice.

Hi Jeremy,

I have observed the sample presentation and requirements shared by you. I like to share that the chart is not getting visible in the Ole frame for a reason that it is not being selected in Ole frame area. If you scroll the excel sheet while double clicking the Ole frame, you will be able to see that. Please visit this documentation link for your kind reference to set the workbook area that will be part of Ole frame. You also need to set the Ole frame size as well in this regard to accommodate the extended workbook area. I hope the shared information will be helpful to you.

Many Thanks,