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OMR scanned images performance

i’m trying to scan the image below using the following code below. It does work but it take about 1 minute for this line of code to run.

OmrProcessingResult result = engine.ExtractData(new OmrImage[] { image });

There are about 23 TextOCR boxes in the OMR template. Any help with performance would be appreciated.

                OmrEngine engine = new OmrEngine(template);

                //Get the configurations of OmrEngine
                OmrConfig config = engine.Configuration;

                //Set fill threshold
                config.FillThreshold = 0.02;

                // Extract data. This template has only one page.
                OmrProcessingResult result = engine.ExtractData(new OmrImage[] { image });

                // Load actual result from
                Hashtable OmrResult = result.PageData[0];

inspsheet_Page_1.png (376.8 KB)


Please forward us the sample OMR template. This will help us to reproduce the issue at our end. We will investigate the issue and update you about our findings.

test2.zip (557.3 KB)
here is the template above


We have evaluated the sample OMR template. While investigation it was found that Text OCR processing is taking a bit more time. It is not an issue as performing OCR operation in scope of OMR and performing OCR operation for huge number of Text OCR elements takes time.

Is there an alternative so the performance is not an issue?


In addition to my previous reply. It is proposed that you may use “ChoiceBox” element instead of “TextOcr” element. This will improve performance.

would you be able to provide me an example of how to use the Choice Box? This is the first time i’ve used this OCR tool

and preferably an example similar to the template i’m using. I looked at the sample that came with but wasn’t sure how it worked.


Please find the sample template attached. We have modified the template and used the “ChoiceBox” element to process the OMR scanned sheet. For more details on how to perform OMR operation and use OMR template editor, visit the links below:

test2.zip (557.3 KB)

Thank You! That worked perfectly


Thank you for your feedback. Please feel free to write to us in case of any query or comments.