OMR Scanner

Hello All,

I have to develop omr scanner. I am using the “aspose-ocr-2.0.0-java” library. I open the program provided by following library, But i could not get the option of OMR scanner. I am getting following option (Aspose.BarCode, Aspose.ImaGing, Aspose.Task etc.). Could you please help me hw can i do this.

I have attached a sample OMR sheet. Please find the attachment.


Hi Nitin,

Thank you for considering Aspose APIs, and welcome to Aspose.OCR support forum.

We believe you are referring to the Examples Dashboard that you can optionally install to see the Aspose APIs in action. Unfortunately, we currently do not have any examples for OMR feature, however, you may check the documentation for complete source code snippets on how you can recognize optical markers using Aspose.OCR for Java. Please check the following link for your reference.

Please note, you will require an OMR template (.amr) file to get the above example working. We would suggest you to use the Template Editor available in Aspose.OCR for .NET API package because the Java version of the Template Editor is currently in development phase, and we hope to publish it with the upcoming release of Aspose.OCR for Java 2.1.0. You may also require to place a request for temporary licenses for both .NET & Java APIs to fully test the product. .NET license will be used with the Template Editor whereas the Java license will be set in your Java application to perform the OMR operation.

In case you face any difficulty, please feel free to contact us any time.