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Open Excel file, adding a worksheet and reading/writing QueryTable using Aspose.Cells for .NET in C#

To Whom It May Concern:

This may be a "dumb" question but I need to know if your product can support opening an Excel file on a web server, adding worksheets, placing a web link into the first cell of each worksheet, then saving the file to the hard disk? We have currently implemented this functionality with Excel on the web server but it behaves poorly with Excel files that contain formulas and macros. So, we would like to remove Excel from the "equation" and replace it with a tool that can simply open and XLS file, make very minor modifications, then save the XLS.

Please let me know if your product supports this functionality. This is very critical for us at this time and we need to arrive at a solution today or early next week at the latest.

Your time is much appreciated.

Paul Fruia
Senior Developer
Syntex Management Systems, Inc.
(832) 476-5539

Dear Paul,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Cells.

Aspose.Cells supports all the functions you requested above. It can imports excel files, populate data and hyperlinks and save file to the disk. And it runs much faster than Excel Automation.

You can download the full- function evaluatoin copy of Aspose.Cells for .NET at Or you can reach our online code samples at


Thanks for your response! I'll download the trial version and check it out.

-- Paul


Okay, I’ve downloaded the trial version and played around with the examples enough to load one of my own Excel files and add new tabs. The last piece is to add the data links. Perhaps I wasn’t very clear in my first message, but we need to add a data link to a Worksheet Query Table. This link is actually just a hyperlink back to one of our ASP pages which Excel will “pull” data from when loaded into the browser. So, the big question is, can Aspose.Excel support adding data links to the Query Table? Is so, how is this done? I didn’t see a Query Table interface in the API.

Thanks for your attention to this issue.

– Paul

Hi Paul,

Reading/Writing Query Table of Worksheet is supported now. Please visit following link for more details:
Reading and Writing Query Table of Worksheet