Opening a downloaded Excel file

I am downloading a excel spreadsheet from a website and then i tried to open it using

Workbook wk = new Workbook();


However, i get the exception saying "File Format not specified"

Following is the link from where i am downloading the file.


Please Advise.



Well, I downloaded your file from the specified link you have refered. The file is not a native excel file so, you are getting the error by Aspose.Cells, it's rather a web page / .html file. For cofirmation, you may open it into the notepad and check it. To make the file as a native excel file, kindly open it into MS Excel (e.g.., 2000-2003), now save it as "Microsoft Office Excel Workbook". Now you may use Aspose.Cells APIs to work with the file.

Thank you.

Do any of Apose products provide the functionality to do what you have suggested programmatically?


Well, I think Aspose.Words can support to manipulate .html file formats though i am not very sure, please post a query @:

they will help you soon.

Thank you.