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Opening a powerpoint in Windows XP - Internet Explorer Version - 6.0


We are creating the powerpoint using ASPOSE and will be shown to the end user on a click of a button in ASP.NET web form.

It opens in a popup window with Open / Save / Cancel options. This works well in Internet Explorer of Windows2000 / Mozilla Browser.

But when the user who has windows XP operating system - with Internet explorer version 6.0. The popup window opens and immediately it gets closed.

Can you please a suggest a solution for this problem.

Thanks and Regards

Balamurugan B
Cognizant Technology Solutions,
Chennai - 600096

Check security settings in IE and enable popups.


As i said on the click of a CreatePowerPoint button - the popup doesnt open in Windows XP - IE. But, In the same web form where we have 2 more buttons which will open a another webform in the form of popup window. That works well - with out any issue. When ever we click this CreatePowerPoint button alone the popup displays and immediately it gets vanished.

Can you kindly mention what security setting to be enabled in Windows XP - IE - V6.0.

Thanks and Regards

Balamurugan B

Tools -> Pop-up Blocker -> Pop-up Blocker Settings
Some personal firewalls (for example Outpost) can block popups too.
In any case that is not a problem of Aspose.Slides.