Opening and saving streams of unknown FileFormatType


What is the recommended procedure for working with Excel spreadsheets of unknown FileFormatType? The Aspose.Cells.Workbook object’s Open and Save methods require a FileFormatType, but since we are working with existing spreadsheets, not creating new ones, we do not have a set default. Ideally, we could work with spreadsheets that are in Excel2000, ExcelXP, and Excel2003 format without knowing the type up front, without losing any formatting, and without inhibiting our user’s ability to work with the files after we have processed them.


When opening files, Excel2000, ExcelXP, Excel20003 or default is OK. All settings will be kept. When saving it, please specify Excel2003. Then your user will use output files without any problem.


So, to make sure I'm understanding you:

*When opening files, if I specify Excel2003, it can open files created with Excel 2000 or XP, and it will not lose any settings.

*If I output to Excel2003, customers who use Excel 2000 or XP will not have any problems opening the documents.

Is that correct?


Yes, you are right.