Ordering of sheets


When I do an AddCopy of a sheet, it puts the sheet as the last sheet in the workbook. I was wondering if it was possible to renumber/reorder the sheets to be in a different order.




Hi Pam,

Thanks for your suggestion.

It’s really a useful feature. I have thought of this feature but postpone it because of the complexity if worksheets containg drawing objects.

Now I will make a deep investigation for this feature and put it in my work plan.


It has been a while, but I was wondering if this issue had ever been addressed. We are getting ramped up to produce our yearly reports, and this feature is key, as we generate a lot of cloned pages, and since the pages are appended to the end, someone is forced to go into each workbook and reorder the pages.

Thanks for any input.


Hi Pam,

Have you tried Worksheet.Move method?