Out of memory heap!

table { font-size: 10pt;}Hi,
I am trying to convert html to doc using Aspose.words for java. I need to know how much heap memory it will require for a conversion .I know its based on document specific, but can you explain me on which case it will take more heap memory ? Will it take more for html containing images ?Because it throwing 'out of memory heap ’ exception for some conversion,i have set heap memory of 8 gb but still its throwing.
For 10 kb html it taking 10 mb heap memory .
Can you help me to solve this problem ?
Anbu Chezhian.S


Thanks for your request. Could you attach the HTML document you are getting issues with? I will check the problem on my side and provide you more information.
Best regards,

Hi Andrey ,

Thanks for your response . Its not related to particular document ,its coming for all kind of conversion .Actually i am using java net beans profiler . If i do convert a 100 kb HTML document to DOC ,the net bean profiler showing memory occupation of 25mb .I attached snap shot of net bean profiler graph with this .Why its taking much memory ? is it possible to reduce ? Please do suggest some idea .

Anbu Chezhian.S

Hi Anbu,

Thanks for your inquiry. Of course, it should take more memory than the original file size. When you open any document, Aspose.Words reads this document into DOM (Document Object Model). It is always requires more memory to build DOM in memory than the original file size.
Size of the document in memory depends on original file size, document complexity and file format.
I think, in your case, you should just increase memory heap.
Best regards.